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I have always been an avid reader and eagerly devoured books from my local public library. I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing them.

"If  you have the words, there's always a chance that you will find the way"  

Seamus Heaney


Irish Interest

Below is a collection of articles I have had published on Irish Central and local newspapers.

The Power and Influence of The Irish Hawthorn or Fairy Tree

This is one of my favourite articles about the Hawthorn tree and how these trees are still treated with immense respect and reverence.  Hawthorn spring blossoms herald the arrival of summer and because this coincides with the ancient festival of Bealtaine, now celebrated as May day, the Hawthorn was imbued with sacred significance and became a focal point for our ancient forebears. You can read the full article on The Irish Fairy Tree on Irish Central.

The Fairy Tree at Turin Castle.jpg

Saint Patrick and Turin Castle County Mayo

The orientation of Turin Castle Ireland is significant; as was common with important medieval buildings it was built in deference to an astronomical event or sacred landmark, in this case, it is the latter. In the Northwest corner of the Great hall there is a small room with a lancet opening at floor level. This small window can only be viewed through at floor level necessitating one to assume a kneeling position. Incredibly it is directly aligned with the summit of Croagh. Patrick! Read the full article on Irish Central.  St Patrick and Turin Castle

Turin Castle Ireland.jpg

Play the Game, if you dont shoot we wont shoot

In 1914 though in the throws of "The War to End All Wars", the First World War, troops from both sides stopped fighting to enjoy a few hours of peace in the trenches. My grandfather Peter Farrell of Drumconrath, County Meath was among those very brave men.  He was a regimental piper with the 2nd Leinsters. This article was published in The Meath Cronicle and Irish Central. Click on the links to read the full story.

Meath Cronicle article.jpg

The Irish origins of the Christmas tree

The Scots Pine, Pinus Sylvestris, was revered by the Druids associating the evergreen with the return of the Sun after the dark short days of Winter. Yule logs a precursor of the Christmas tree would most likely have been Scots pine and would have been ceremoniously kindled whilst its branches along with other evergreens Holly and Ivy were used to decorate homes, adding colour to an otherwise bleak time of year.  The Burren Pine Project is a new initiative which will give individuals and businesses the opportunity to help restore the native pine tree. We have recently started planting these native trees at Turin Castle Ireland with a little help from Colin Stafford Johnson. Read the full article on Irish Central.

Colin planting at Turin.JPG
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